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Learner Driver policies

How do I gain driving experience?

When you are learning to drive you need a certain amount of tuition but you also really need some experience as well. This can be difficult since under normal circumstances it can be ruinously expensive for a learner driver to buy insurance for a car which is why a special policy has been brought out by the major insurance group, Aviva. This is a short term policy which lasts between a single day and three months and it is designed specifically to allow learners to gain practical experience in someone else's car. In order to keep claims, and therefore premiums, under control there are certain differences between this policy and conventional policies.

Which cars can I drive?

For a start off, you can only be insured to drive a vehicle which is already insured by the owner. You must be accompanied at all times by a driver aged between 25 and 75 (not necessarily the owner) who has held a full UK licence for an absolute minimum of three years. This person should also be insured to drive the vehicle if necessary; if he or she was not the owner a policy covering vehicles not owned or hired under a hire purchase agreement would suffice.

Are there any other restrictions?

You would have to be a permanent UK resident, holding a UK provisional driving licence and you should have no accidents or convictions for either motoring or criminal offences. Also: You would only be able to drive the vehicle during the safest hours which are between 6 AM and 10 PM only.

What happens when I have passed my test?

Once your driving test has been passed insurance cover will cease immediately, since this policy is meant for learner drivers only so arrangements may have to be made for someone else to drive the car immediately afterwards.

By imposing these commonsense restrictions premiums are kept affordable and should encourage friends or relatives to help learner drivers like yourself to gain that all important road experience before taking a driving test. Cover is comprehensive so any damage to the vehicle as a result of an accident whilst you were driving it should be indemnified.