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What is a cookie?

The law and cookies

By law, websites can store cookies on your machine only if they are essential to the operation of the site; otherwise, the website need your permission to do so.

Why this site may us cookies

Like virtually every website which offers a service, we may use cookies to ensure users get the most from their visits, by tailoring our website content to fit their needs. At present this site does not use them.

What our cookies don’t do

None our cookies collect personally identifiable information about you, nor do they store details such as those on your credit or debit card.

How long a cookie remains on your machine

With regard to the length of time a cookie stays on your computer or mobile device, there are two types;

Types of Cookie Function

With regard to function, there are four types of cookie;

Third party usage analysis

How to control and delete cookies

More information

Useful information about cookies, and how to control them, can be found at https://www.aboutcookies.org