1 Day car Insurance

Insure a car for just one single day upwards

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Buying a car at auction? Need insurance?

Car auctions and one day car insurance could have been made for each other. The ability to buy short-term cover at an auction house could mean you not only having the chance to grab a bargain, but also being able to avoid the very real possibility of a huge fine and points on your driving licence, perhaps even leading to a disqualification.

Why you may need cover

Once the Hammer has fallen on your purchase and you have paid the bill the car becomes your property and it is your responsibility to take it away. Ideally you should have already arranged for a low loader or other transporter but the vast majority of buyers simply drive off in the vehicles. Some of them may well have motor trade insurance which covers them for any vehicle but many have no insurance whatsoever. Police authorities are well aware of this and the areas around car auctions are happy hunting grounds for many of them!

How to get insured at short notice

The considerable problems that these new owners who have been charged with driving without insurance are landed with are so easily avoidable. The majority of car auctions now offer free Wi-Fi but even this is unnecessary for someone who has a smart phone. Once the car has been purchased it is a simple matter to check the registration number and then take out a short-term car insurance policy for just one day. Fair enough, if the vehicle is not taxed the unhappy owner could still face a fine but this is often waived provided that a road fund licence is purchased as soon as possible, and the offence is non-endorsable anyway.

What if the car has no MOT?

You can still apply for a policy PROVIDED THAT you have an MOT appointment booked and that you drive straight to it. You would not be covered if you drove without an MOT except under those circumstances.

The moral is; whenever you go to a car auction there is a very real possibility that you will end up buying a vehicle, so take along an Internet enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop and make sure that that car is properly insured before you sit in it. It only takes a few minutes but could save you a whole stack of problems later.